Organization Zero seeks players that are dedicated, skilled, self-
motivated and most importanty, enjoy playing SAES at the highest level.
The main attribute we look for in applicants is positive and proactive
attitude. Ideal applicants will always work to improve themselves,
strive to make a positive impack in the gang and understand that one's
enjoyment of the game is ultimately in their own hands. A potential
applicant should posses an excelent understanding of their role and
enjoy playing it. On other note, if you are type of player that dislikes
helping team mates in problems, or you are just applying because you only
want to be able to rob a bank in the future, we suggest you to look
somewhere else.
Our recruitment system is divided into 3 stages. You can read all about
it after the requirements to join part.

Requirements to join Organization Zero:
- Must be at least 15 years old
- Must be mature and respectfull to the community
- Must use Discord and be part of our Discord server
- Must follow all server rules, no matter what
- Must have patience
- Must have at least some experience on the server

→ Stage 1: ←
- Apply by filling in answers to all the questions after clicking on button bellow
- Join our Discord server
- Hang with our members ingame

→ Stage 2: ←
Stage 2 is interview between our applicants and our HQ team. If you
did well in game and shown so far that you are qualified enough to
join Organzation Zero, you will be invited for voice interview. The
rest depends on you. Voice interview is something any applicant
wanting to join Organization Zero must pass and we won't accept any
excuse, such as not having a microphone, for you to be excused from
this stage. In case you really don't have a functional microphone on
your computer, you need to set up Discord app on your smart phone.

→ Stage 3: ←
After voice interview, you might be requeired to hang with our members
a bit longer, before joining. Depending on how well you did on first two
stages, you might way a few seconds, or a few more days, before invitation.
Keep in mind, getting here doesn't mean you will be accepted 100% and you
can still be denied.