Date: 29.05.2014.
Participants: Mr.Sanchez (Gengar), Meister, Motanta, NanoBob, System, LocDog, Rodriguez, I-Gun, JukeBox, Eusebio
Scenario: Sons of Anarchy came in Organization Zero base to offer them some weapons they just got from their
supplier. Organization Zero was just in need of some fresh weapons, so they took some crates of weapons to
Organization Zero shooting range and weapons testing polygon, where they were supposed to be examined by
Organization Zero weapons expert, Gengar Sanchez. On first appearance, all weapons looked good. Mr.Sanchez
was pleased with performance of combat shotguns and desert eagles. He was impressed by improved hand grenades
Sons of Anrachy offered. But first sign of problems showed up when Mr.Sanchez discovered that crate of AK-47
is full of fakes. They can fire like real AK-47, they support same ammo, but they are made from materials which
makes gun lighter. That would be good for combat, but that material can't sustain fire power of AK-47. Mr.Sanchez
explained to everyone present in room how Sons of Anarchy were tricked by they supplier and how those AK-47s would
explode in their hands if someone would fire more than 3 bullets in fully automatic mode. Unfortunately, problems
haven't stop there. When Mr.Sanchez decided to scan all weapons for potential damage, they discovered 3 hand grenades
and 1 combat shotgun sabotaged. Those 3 hand grenades were set to produce much lower explosion when triggered and
explosion would be triggered same moment someone pulls needle out. In other words, those 3 hand grenades were set to
explode in persons hand. Weakened explosion power wouldn't kill person, but it would leave permanent damage to persons
body. On the other side, combat shotgun had damaged fire needle, which could be fixed by Mr.Sanchez, but it would cost,
so Mr.Sanchez offered really low price for all weapons to Sons of Anarchy. They didn't agree to those terms, so they
packed their weapons and left Organization Zero base.