Bikes production and distribution:
Our modern bikes are skillfully crafted in our work shops and can be delivered on call within moments notice. Since
like any finite matter, resources fluctuate, so do the prices of bikes, depending on how much material they use. While
we do use the best materials, we sell them directly from the work shop, reducing prices for the common man.

Our members cna be hired as private detectives, and will be able to do anything from digging up suspicious evidence to
assassinations with our fast bikes. Since this field does vary significantly, we cannot give a full description, but if
you need something done in secret, we are the ones to call. We run and average cost of $20.000 per day of work plus any
additional charges which may arrise from "planted" evidence, or other such matters.

Entertainment providers:
We offer multiple type of services, such as drugs, tabaccos and prostitution. Depending on the stock up quantity, price
is subject to change. But the services will always be cheap and fast. If you like any extra special kind of entertainment
(ex: homo services), we could also offer that.

Weapons production and distribution:
Our high-precision weapons are skillfully crafted in our armory, and can be delivered on call or be sold at any location
within a moments notice. We offer highest quality weapons on market within entire state of San Andreas.

Material recollection:
Meanwhile everyone thinks we're obtaining our bike parts legally, there's a team of our employees whose goal is to steal
materials from other institutions and organizations, so we can succesfully accomplish our goal of selling the best bikes
in the market.