Organization Zero center of operations:

Located in Flint County, previously hashish farm, bought and completely
restructured by Organization Zero, is now turned into their official base.
Since it's well hidden inside forest of Flint County and surrounded by
hills and mountains, place is perfect for public gathering with other
criminals and gangs, building their relations in positive way. Big garage
outside is used to park Organization Zero vehicles, but it is also well
equipped with modern tools and computers, which can be used to modify and
tune any vehicle. Organization Zero speciality are modern bikes, but they
can work in their garage on any vehicle.
Inside big mansion, Organization Zero has big night club, used to build up
their relations with everyone who they consider usefull to them. Organization
Zero organizes big parties in tjeir night club, leaving good impression on
their client, building up their relations and trust.

Organization Zero San Fierro properties:

Organization Zero warehouse:

Located in San Fierro bay, it's perfect location to store their items when
they arrive in San Andreas by either a ship, or a plane. It has second big
gates towards the water, enabling boats to bring Organization Zero imports
straight in the warehouse. Truck depo is also less then 100 meters away from
warehouse, which is good for fast distribution of Organization Zero imports
trough out entire state of San Andreas.

Organization Zero SF car shop:

This car shop is the best equpped car shop in entire state of San Andreas,
with any type of vehicle on the market at very affordable prices. Being
located in San Fierro, very close to San Fierro bay, it is the first car
shop in San Andreas to receive all new imported vehicles.

Organization Zero Los Santos properties:

Organization Zero LS car shop:

Car shop in Los Santos is perfect place for trading vehicle parts and
selling stolen vehicles, imported from Liberty City.

Green Liquid - Los Santos:

Green Liquid night club is place designed to launder money for Organization
Zero. However, after highly successful business development, it became
new place of operations for Organization Zero where they meet with various
people on high positions in police force, or even in goverment, to make
different kind of deals. General use is public entertainment, which is
bringing a lot of money to Organization Zero. Green Liquid is the most
vluable asset Organization Zero owns, making profit of over $5.000.000
each week. Read more about our night club here

Organization Zero Las Venturas properties:

Organization Zero LV car shop:

Car shop in Las Venturas, although, not so popular as one in San Fierro,
it serves the same purpose. It's distributing legaly imported vehicles
trough Las Venturas, Bone County and Tierra Robada. It is also, our only
car shop which offers client customizing of each purchased vehicle in our
mod garage right behind the main entrance of car shop.

Green Liquid - Las Venturas:

This night club has the same purpose as Green Liquid ~ Los Santos, only,
in different location, which is a lot more crowded and brings in a lot
more people.

Organization Zero hideout:

Hideout place is perfect for storing all the stuff Organization Zero is
claiming either for itself, or for distribution and traficking, untill
stuff looses some heat. It is also perfect place for Organization Zero
members to lay low when they gain too much heat on themselves.
For these reason, you'll understand that we are not providing location,
nor pictures of our hideout.