Over the years, mr.Unknown and Hidden had become some of the best bikers in the streets. Their knowledge of biking mechanisms,
as well as physics, aided them in racking a shared total of 457 wins over the course of their careers. In an effort to create the
perfect bike, they worked together to create a long-lasting automatic modern and sostep bike known as SS9158. After creating more
modern bikes for the different motorcycle clubs, mr.Unknown and Hidden retired from street service and went on to create
Organization Zero - an elegant, modern and rich motorcycle club.

When Organization Zero finally launched all of it's services to the public it suddenly began to be in high demand more
than what they could imagine and their factory went empty right away. The administration decided to steal the material
they needed from other companies and institutions, therefore they maintained their legal companies, but still undergo
criminal activity outside of the view of the law, so they could have all the materials needed for the production of the
bikes. The recluse and esoteric company is now the lead supplier of bikes, weapons and prostitution services for the
government and military, as well as the first largest underworld supplier of illegal bikes for criminals. Developing
bikes on their own allowed Organization Zero to sell the best bikes at lower prices aand larger quantities. The legal
front gained large investments for the profit they were making out of sources unknown to the public. As the organization
continued, Mr.Unknow and Hidden decided to also resort to criminal activities and began to supply weapons & prostitution
services to dangerous criminals as well as corrupted military.

December, 2013:
While everyone thinks we're obtaining our bike parts legally, there's a team of our employees whose goal is to steal materials
from other institutions & organizations so we can successfully accomplish our goal of selling the best bikes in the market
and always have available inventory for bigger production.

June, 2016:
OOrganization Zero decided it's time to stop obtaining weapons for mass distribution from other sources and start producing
their own weapons. Therefore, entire gang packed up and moved to China, leaving but a few members in San Andreas; just
barely enough to keep headquarters, all their turfs and businesses in check. Rest of the gang was busy buying huge
piece of land near Padawgyi, China and sorting all paperwork for establishing their own weapons factory.

February, 2019:
After almost two and a half years of absence, Organization Zero came back to state of San Andreas to set all their affairs
in order. Weapons factory in China was finally completed, which allowed Organization Zero to smuggle in almost endless
stocks of high quality weapons for mass distribution, with even more waiting just to be brought in.