Organization Zero owns several factories, including factory for bike production, where we are building all kind of
models categorized under motorcycles and recreational vehicles. All our products are carefully crafted, using
nothing but best alloys, making our products more endurable and top quality goods for our customers. Some of our
vehicles come in only one variation, while others come in different variations and are customizable. Our BF-400,
for example, is first ever motorcycle we produced with customization options. Costumization option on motorcycles
means our customers are able to choose wether they want to have exauhst pipes on their motorcycles, or not. Would
they like one, or two exauhst pipes and wehter they would like windshield and if yes, would they like with it full
cover of engine, or just partially covered engine. Below are listed prices of base models, which are lower then what
you can find in car shops, since Organization Zero exports all these vehicles to San Andreas car shops. Some vehicles
can be upgraded with three types of nitro, hydraulics and several types of rhims. For more info about each individual
product we offer, click on product picture bellow.