Green Liquid is a night club owned by Organization Zero which employs a lot of people from San Andreas for various
tasks and even hires several big groups for help. This night club was in construction since February, 18th, 2016,
till it was officially announced to general public on June, 30th, 2016. Its first official opening was on Jully,
1st, 2016, on hills, north-east from Los Santos.
After several months of high financial investment from Organization Zero and a lot hard work from ZIP Constructions,
we are happy to announce official opening of Green Liquid, night club owned by Organization Zero, which is going to
provide best parties with best DJs in region. Organization Zero has signed several contracts with few other organizations
in order to make sure everything is running safely and smoothly and at the same time, to keep everything at professional
Club has its own private dancers, who won't only entertain rich people inside VIP areas, but will also be seen on dance
podium, where all other guests will be dancing and drinking. In order to have a dance with our club dancers, all you
have to do is buy them a drink, or two. Club has big DJ area, where access will be restricted to guests. There are
enough tables to welcome anyone from entire state of San Andreas.

Green Liquid officially started working on 1st Jully, 2016, in Los Santos. The business was going very well and the
club was the only place to have parties in entire state of San Andreas. There was lot of investment put into improving
the club over time, which in return, generated even more profit. Green Liquid was originally designed to launder money
for Organization Zero and to justify earnings from their other, less legal sources. However, Green Liquid itself
genrated a lot of income for Organization Zero, placing it as one of richest organizations in San Andreas. Some of
that money was invested into building another club in Las Venturas.
On November 14th, 2016, we opened another Green Liquid club, located directly at Las Venturas crossroad. It was operating
well for over year and a half, along side one in Los Santos. However, after some time, Las Venturas crossroad became
gathering place for people with very questionable reputation, bringing troubles to the club located there, forcing us
to move elsewhere. We found right location just outside of Fort Carson, where we are currently constructing our new
club. In the mean time, all parties are hosted at Los Santos club, while Las venturas club is completely shut down.

Club is always open. You are welcome at all times to come and chill inside a club, grab a drink, or simply come by
our parking area and enjoy the view from there. Big parties, however, are hosted only at night time, with exception
of specially reserved VIP parties.
Our club has enough tables to accomodate everyone from San Andreas, for which you don't need to make any reservation
and entry is always free. You can, however, make reservations for special VIP rooms, or rent entire club for your
own private party. Pricing of reservation is:
- small VIP room: $1.000.000
- big VIP room: $2.500.000
- renting entire club (private party): $10.000.000

You can make reservation simply by contacting us trough our Discord. Name what do you want to reserve and name your
private guests that are coming with you. You pay for your reservation when you arrive at the club. If you made
reservation of VIP room, you may, if you want, bring your own private security. Though, that is not necesary as club
has its own, well trained, security personel.

Owner: Organization Zero
Security managment: Gruppe6 Security
Music managment: Zebra FM
Maintance managment: ZIP Constructions
Bar managment: Enternia

If you want to become part of Green Liquid staff, simply click button bellow and answer questions on our application
form. After application has been reviewed, you will be invited for interview and if you pas everything, you'll receive
short training and explanation of your job position.